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Started Gundog Retrievers

Solomon -$3000-Sold
solomon Gentlemens Gundog solomon Gentlemens Gundog solomon Gentlemens Gundog solomon Gentlemens Gundog

Photos of Bonners Ferry, and Porcupine LakeHunter Ridge Retrievers Gun Dog Program came to existance from customers like you that wanted to have a good started companion/gun dog retriever. By breeding the right combination of dogs we can produce a well balanced gun dog for our customers and provide the start that most companion/gun dog retrievers need to be a successful member of the family and hunting parties. Because we are family owned and operated kennel and that we only produce one to two litters a year. We can focus all our time and energy to producing quality young dogs with excellent pedigrees and healthy genetics. We do not train outside dogs. We only train what we produce, that way we can stand behind our gun dog retrievers.

What to expect from a Hunter  Ridge Started  Gun Dog Retriever:

    • Extensive Obedience on and off Leash

    • Introduction to water, Vehicles, Crates, Decoys, etc..

    • Single water & Land marks to 75yds

    • Deliver to hand

    • Boat hunts

    • Exposure to heavy cover obstacles in water and land

    • Steady to shots

    • Blinds(ground, platforms, layout)

    • Basic upland hunt(hunt cover/flush)

    • Exposed to duck, pheasant and geese.

    • Started whistle commands, Gunfire, extensive socialization with other people and dogs

Shooter - Sold

If you are interested in purchasing or reserving one of these started dogs. Please Call 208-304-5862 for pricing and availability. Or email us.


Listen to the dogs they are sometimes are right!